Get to know ME

Not just an ordinary girl. What made me say that? Well, I deal with a lot of stuff and not just barge in to daily drama. Everyday is filled with challenges. It’s up to how you handle it. Don’t be afraid to turn your dreams into reality. Well, here’s a catch of who I am:

Simplicity is the best
  • Minori is my real name.
  • I’m now 22 and yeah, you could greet me every 15th of October
  • Complicated. ->Personality
  • The youngest among Four siblings
  • I passed the July 2011 NLE 
  • I do baby-sitting (That would be my nephew Nate)
  • I am learning to cook (Finally)
  • I do recording (like yeah I was just kidding. You could check my YouTube Channel for laughs)
  • I stick a lot with my boyfriend LP. (He’s not a real BF, he’s just a thing I couldn’t live without now)
  • I love fashion and music very much. (well, you could check my tumblr)
  • I talk a lot about anything. Yes – all the non-sense and substantial topics would count in. See it for yourself on my twitter.
  • Talent? I could sing a bit but never engage me into dancing (trust me, I suck at it)
  • Not satisfied? Better ask me on my formspring for other suggestions and clarifications.

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