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City Girl (Vintage Edition)

As far as I can recall, I’ve never been engaged into photography until my sister made me grab an opportunity to pose. I got that feeling of giddiness combined with pressure. My sister knows that I have that so called “sassy confidence” or right manner of projection to flaunt with when it comes to posing for a picture perfect shot. So here goes my first challenge and it happened last year October. Everything took place in our home for all the preparations made.

hair and face prepped up by Ms. Audrey Co-Adora

First Destination - "Home" shot by Ms. Ferina Albano
I was not feeling that cocky at first because I was not used to facing a real photographer (Ms. Ferina Albano) here or by the surge of light brought about by the reflector hitting my eyes. It was Ms. KC Asuncion holding the reflector for a greater outcome of the shot while the wardrobe incharge was Ms. Joyce Ann Red. It was a challenging jiffy for me to consider.  

Second Destination "Along Justice Hall"
It was another thrilling momentum for me when I crossed that street with a lot of people/cars passing by seeing me in that outfit but I still managed to look calm. As long as you have the guts, why won’t you make it right? Girl power mode on!

Rush Hour
 The feeling of exhaustion at the end of the day was very worth it to consider. I felt like a real lady during the shoot and now I’m right back on track with the natural me. 

Wander in Simplicity

It took a dashing moment for me to settle under a swanky morning for me to consider. Since that this is my second time to take another moment to pose for a few shots, I tried to look my typical style. It was never hard for me to be just the way that I am since light make up was just applied on my face by my lovely make-up artist, Ms. Jaztyn Sanchez.

True Happiness

Blank Stare
We took some time to check for the wardrobe and accessories to pair up with shoes that come with high heels. I confess that I am not into those heels. I would rather go crazy for a pair of flats but since this is a part of an art or photography, I’m more than willing to sacrifice for greater upshot.

Sitting like a boss

Holding on to something
 This time, my hair is left untouched; meaning to say that it was never revamped by a straightening or a curling iron, just as simplicity would wonder upon the place. I am so happy for the efforts of Ms. Cherry Vistro for holding the reflector as well as fanning me to create a motion effect on my dress. I know that it took time for us to accomplish the whole process. 

caught in between

Dramatic pose
Finally, I would say that I strived to project my poise facing Mr. Carlo Vistro as my photographer this time. He has a refined style of taking pictures. I trust in his capability to sharpen his photography skills. He has a long way more to go.  This was a very wonderful booked experience enjoyed with a sumptuous meal for lunch at Vistro Residence. :)

        Lost in Ruins

Taking a glimpse of yesterday full of broken hearts and promises would lead to chaotic dreams. This third photo shoot I had last December made me recoil a bulk of varying events last year from my memory lane; my year of transition. That would fall back on the efforts I had in college as a nursing student. Those times were really difficult to ponder upon but now, it’s all different. I have made it through the storms of reality and yet I know that I am still about to face more of it in the future. 
Under the Sun
Posing under the sun
So little time to reminisce on the thorny events that took place for the past years, I guess that life leads me to a race of no turning back. One must fight strong in order to survive. Particularly, I had no certain concept on this photo shoot. Truth be told, I am only projecting my confidence whenever I should especially when I am prompted to face a camera. 

I am no super model or sexy girl cover magazine to please the eyes of many people but, this is just me portraying my alter ego wanting to feel fab and chic. I would only want to flaunt my flaws for what it is; simply that would make a distinction of who I am from who I am not. It is greater to stick with your inner guts as to who you are than be someone else.

flaunt it baby

I thank the patience of Mr. Selbor Robles for prepping up my face and taking those random shots at a nearby church. Kuya Sam was holding the reflector and Ms. Alanah accompanied me for the whole experience. I really had a tough day of posing in the afternoon under the scorching sun but it was very worth it! 

pose it

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