Friday, July 20, 2012

Super Rush Hour

The contemplation of having my tasks be accomplished in no time is something that has driven me to tire up my legs from falling in line, waiting as well as sauntering here and there. Around pass five in the morning; I already set foot in MNL with mother dearest :) my slacker attitude has been reigning up on me again but I had no choice but to conquer it myself to have a productive day therefore, the “MaƱana” habit wasn’t on the list. (That would be a big hindrance if you ask me since I only have a day to stretch out those bones and muscles!) Breakfast was served with our hunger tummies so, the food has been devoured with our stomach’s content!

Rode a cab with mom and took its toll as we parted ways for the day. I was dropped off at Morayta which really brings back so many memories. It somehow escalated a feeling of nostalgia all over that I had to take a pause at every street or establishment I used to walk by and just can’t help but stare all the more. Pass seven in the morning, Ana agreed to take a rendezvous around PRC. Like why should I be there after about a year? I had my purpose done as soon as I received my license as registered nurse of the Philippines. (I should’ve taken this one last year, October 22 to be exact.)The giddiness can’t be helped since I’ve wanted to get this for so long! 

Ana and I then decided to have lunch with Tim, my BFF! (so we parted ways first) Next, I claimed my TOR at school which was due last year too! (Around September!) I was really elated to receive it! Accompanied Boris since he applied for school alumni ID – and eventually got it right after a shot for an ID picture. After that, we arrived at Trinoma (actually, we were having a hard time to decide where to eat but ended up at SM North) The four of us ate for lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. (as courtesy of Timothy) Haha There was a little quandary with my phone’s signal so mom though I wasn’t replying at all with her message. (but I never answered a single call! Oops!) Glad that we’re both okay around evening. Whew!

Managed to see Forever 21 at SM North, the block and stole a few shots! My feet have been aching already but somehow I managed to enjoy the day. Ana and I have been busy looking at the different styles of apparel.So many clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from, I’ve been indecisive again! I skipped taking shots of some dress though since there are too many to choose from!

Had an instant meet up with Cesar pogi! lol had a few shots as well. :) That was a super short time to consider! Still, it was worth seeing this funny dude.

Tim already left for work! :( so our looks define why we seem to be confused. (there goes that "what to do later" problem again!) 


so we then quenched our thirsts at fruitas then I decided to meet my mom again (parting ways with Ana and Boris) then eventually had dinner at Aristocrat. Their palabok really tastes great as well as their sotanghon soup that made me finish it up in a jiffy!  The cold calamansi juice made a great refreshment from the busy yet tiring day. 

I may not have bought anything for myself that day but it doesn't matter as long as I have finished my purpose of going  there in MNL and spent my time well with friends! I'm looking forward to see them again. I may not exactly know when but I'm happy seeing them. That's contentment. Bye MNL! ;)

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