Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Ways to Make Your Time a bit Productive

If you used to be the busiest person with the entire stress whirl winding you then comes a time that you’re suddenly bored to death then I guess that the abrupt transition could almost hit you into thinking some activities to stick your gut with.  Some people may be of a workaholic type to deal with this tension but trust me; it would still affect those that would be considered as “couch potato” There is nothing good in hitting extremes. Learn to balance everything with your capability. Everyone has interests to draw their time freely but I guess that here’s mine that I could almost deal with everyday to keep my day still cool and productive at some point even though it isn’t what is used to be.
  1. Wake up at any hour of the day and don’t forget to thank the Lord Almighty for the bountiful blessings (but make sure that it is still in the morning!) I say that you better waste your time for something that could be considered worthy.
  2. Work out those lipids off your body (you can do some stretching too!) keeps your body fit.
  3. Drink a glass of water to quench your thirst (this could be one way to cleanse your body)
  4. Read substantial articles (ignorance kills so feed your mind with answers to your hunger for curiosity) plus it adds more intellectual knowledge.
  5. If your room is a bit of a topsy-turvy then you should clean it (with your super ultra cleaning powers!)
  6. Check your multiple accounts online (most people would rely on this to waste time but I guess that it is better to have complex activities)
  7. Check out some daily catch/News (this is to increase your awareness.)
  8. Turn up the speakers (listen to your chill/feel good songs)
  9. Volunteer to rummage around the kitchen and cook something healthy and delicious at the same time!
  10. Jot down the things you did (consider typing into your private blog/scribbling notes onto your diary) – this will keep you organized and will help you feel that you did things to keep your day fruitful. 
Well, there are times that I would typically tell myself that I would like to screw up some activities in my list but sometimes, it would aid a lot to keep you going and cease that kind of tension from being bored. Remember, it is always your choice if you want to keep yourself working in the process of keeping your thoughts active on what to do than to be rotten in idleness. You can always affect your actions by your own thoughts. Time is always moving forward so what you do now can never be undone. Keep going.

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