Friday, July 20, 2012

Skip the Routine

Feel free to procrastinate whenever you can as long as you assure yourself that you’re unwinding over a long weekend after a wrecking tedious job that resulted to triumph. Go sip a cup of coffee or juice to keep your nerves calm and awake while rummaging your eyes over a novel worth of fallacies/fiction. Suppose that you appreciate more of a photographic activity such as watching films, you could venture into movie marathon while munching a bowl of cheese popcorn.  If you are too stressed to enjoy unaccompanied, call over your confidant and blabber about anything under the sun or you could hover upon a certain escapade to keep your bonding a bit more adventurous. Have it your own way. You could also include healthy eating such as making your own salad jived with a drink of red wine surrounded by chill rhythms to complement the jiffy. You need to take a break from a fully loaded stress once in a while. Go out there and soothe yourself. ;) 

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