Friday, July 20, 2012

Run for HUMANITY 2012

“Build on experience. Prepare for crises. Improve the future. “As what was embossed in our fun run shirts last Sunday. This is in commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the Philippine Red Cross Ilocos Norte – Laoag City Chapter.  When my comrade phoned me about the details a few weeks ago, I had no shilly-shallying on joining the race except for the actuality that I’m a snooze freak whose having a hard time parting ways with my bed in the morning. It was more of an amateur experience for me to mull over. Well, the night before the upcoming event, I got a little giddy over things to take place and I was so edgy pondering that my partner in crime wouldn’t be able to make it in time but thank God that she was able to send me a message before 4 in the morning that I need to wake up and get ready because she’s coming! I guess that it was worth a ton on her part to muster all her strength and still be able to join the race since she just had her trip from Manila last Saturday night. I even told her that it could cause her extreme exhaustion considering the fact that she had no time to rest and be there straight using her bike! (Trust me; she’s such a wonder woman) Haha Thanks to my mother dear who accompanied me over for a stride at the capitol and took some random shots before the start of the race.

Since I regard this as my very own first time experience, I had some “hit and miss” moments; sort of unsystematic ways of what I did and vice versa with my partner Kimberly Duquez:
  • No deep sleep at all! I had my eyes closed the whole time I was in bed but I was faking it since I really couldn’t sleep. My mom told me that I seem to be ultra giddy about it!  (although I was just worried about my partner if she can make it the next day with me! haha)
  • With instances such as this, I wake up earlier at a time intended for me to wake up as placed on my alarm clock. (boo-hoo I just ended up cancelling my alarm)
  • Instead of waking up too early before 4 am, I should have decided to wake up a little bit later than that since the official start of the race was around or before 6 am (Just quite of a presumption though since the sun was about to rise.) although it was stated in the paper issued to us that the official start would be at exactly 5:30 in the morning! (maybe I’m quite right or wrong on this)
  • Yes I should have brought my wrist watch with me to keep on track of the time as always but factually, I am not the type to wear one but still I know I should have used one in the first place.
  • I’m not into huge breakfast meals every morning but considering the fact that this is a fun run, I know that I should not resort into that so I decided to drink a warm milk and a piece of bread for some source of strength later on.
  • Took a warm bath since it’s way too early to have a cold one! Plus I know how my body would react to a very low temperature like hello tremors and body jerks! LOL
  • By the way, assembly time was exactly 5 in the morning so that means, we should have consumed our time for some warm up exercises but I didn’t have the time because I was too preoccupied of meeting up with my friend. (sort of miscommunication since she was waiting on the other side of our rendezvous) 
  • I should have agreed with mom to bring the camera with me (because kim and I only ended up with a few pictures. So little that you could easily count it.)
  • During the assembly, as far as I could evoke; someone made an introductory speech, (a few reminders), led a prayer (for the safety and success of the race – for a cause) and even had a hataw exercise song “Heaven is what I feel”by Gloria Estefan -> Kim and I skipped this part since we went to pamper ourselves somewhere else LOL (top secret!)
  •  Oh yeah, funny thing is we had to “run and walk” (interval haha) around 3 kilometers (Come on! It’s just our first time plus no warm up and my friend just came straight here all the way from manila!)
  • People who ran 10k were the ones who head out first. They were wearing a red singlet. (Singlet is something that is color coded, let’s say that this is an indicator of how many kilometers you are about to run.) 5k had a yellow one and finally for us, the blue one! Haha like, we were the last one to hit that “ready-get-set-go!”
  • In a moment, kim and I were just talking about planning to walk the entire race but since people were really running fast at the start, we were forced to run as fast as we could as well. (No choice! Haha) plus it would be a total shame if we’d be spotted at the end of the line.
  • Okay, I never brought an extra shirt with me or a bottle of water. Heck! I wasn’t really that prepared plus kimi shared her pocari sweat bottle HAHA feels really great to have a companion who is always geared up for anything!
  • Along the way, we were talking and laughing about anything. We were never serious about the race. For us, it was a FUN WALK instead of a FUN RUN but believe me, the experience was priceless. (Something that I want to get myself involved into it next year again!) Since I’ve heard that Red Cross here has planned that it will take place on a yearly basis now. Cool!
  • Our turning point was at Brgy. 28 triangle so that means, you have to go back to complete the 3k race(back and forth already) there was a table filled with plastic cups of water but I never grabbed one. A lady gave me another blue singlet which makes it two already while kim received 3 singlets. WHOAWH! HAHAHA the extra one was a mistake!
  • As we headed back for the finish line, we were very tired already (maybe that’s because we were talking and laughing! Trust me, we’ve consumed a lot of energy on that) then we decided to grab our certificates for the accomplished race! Yay!
  • After that, I had to fall in line for the snacks including free water – sponsored by viva. Each was also able to get a piece of rebisco extreme chocolate sandwich and banana. (detailed huh HAHA) then our number badge on our shirts were singed to confirm that we have already received our food then we decided to enjoy our sumptuous breakfast meal together at Mcdonalds.  

I had a breathless moment with this fun run experience. Next time, I’d definitely want to join again. This is one way of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Skip the sedentary way and get ready to kick some fats! work out those muscles and bones. :) 

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