Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheesecakes and laugh trips

It’s a cool thing to consider when the place we barged in to hang out is just a few blocks away from home. I really loved the ambience circulating at Cheesecakes etc here in London (Jeez) just kidding! Hahaha It’s just located here in the city of Laoag. Plus you can amuse yourself with their free WI-fi. You just have to get the right spelling of their “password of the day”. Lol I just don’t know though if they keep on changing it. I’m not the type of person who would usually rummage around but I stick a lot inside the house and do my craze; Just trying to ignite my perky ideas into something productive, at least. So here I go, taking a shot at a green pot of an artificial plant. These days, I am just trying to divert my attention into taking random shots. I guess that would equate into creating a concatenation of memories. I promised this year that I will take lots and lots of pictures to make up for the past years. I am going to claim that this is my year! Like, hello Optimism; be my confidant. 

I guess I was too hungry to devour that one piece slice of cake. Indeed, it made me feel the melting sensation under my tongue and it gave me that feeling of satisfaction that went well with my mango juice. Beneath that craving for cheesecake lies the great jiffy of talking about anything. Be it career, dreams and business fun-filled excitement over anything LOL. Above all, I really had a blast after our long talks. My friend Jaztyn never fails to make me chuckle because her laugh is way contagious for me not to notice. I am so elated to be with them. (Jaztyn and Jude) hahaha 21stbirthday blast for the birthday boy. The moment wasn’t that enough to consider since we only took bits of shots to compliment the night. Oh well, I am beyond excited to enjoy another jaw crushing moment with them. ;)

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