Friday, July 20, 2012

Camaraderie Revisited

Feeling fuzzy as it may seem, another threshold has been reopened inward bound a place of yesterday. Dating back from my freshman year in high school where I met a superlative persona of a lady that has been imprinted on some of my memoirs. About eight years has passed and I am elated to ignite a surge of trail to a friendship that has been left open. This girl remained to be the same after all. Concatenation of events has emerged but the bond is still intact. Last time I checked, I was with her spending time with a few of my other friends. I guess time really swings faster more than I realized it that it took so long before we could rendezvous again. 

Her optimism is brimming. Meeting her after years made me visit the old picture. Worth of scratches, sticks, stones   or whatever it is that could build a certain foundation of what a part of me has become. I kept on telling her that I was really enthused to construct my own poetry way back when I came to know that she’s excellent at it. :) Her inner confidence is what keeps me recognizing of who she really is. She’s tough all the way to be true to herself and to everyone else around her. So much ado of how I value her as a friend, I am really giddy to see her after all these years and get a heart to heart talk about anything!  We are both in search of something that will mold us in the future. Hello career, please be good to us. :) Today was worth of sauntering at the city and simply enjoying each other’s company. 

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