Monday, March 5, 2012

Unleash Your Optimism

What is it that makes life complicated? It’s entertaining the idea that reality is so cruel that we tend to lose hope of what we can do; what we are capable of but naniniwala tayo na go with the flow lang and everything will be in place. Yes, it is way too normal for people to have those negative thoughts and feelings but let it not consume you too much that it could lead you to a pessimistic road full of brokenness and hopelessness. At some point, our thoughts affect our actions. Have you encountered the documentation on “The Secret”?  If you are not familiar with it then watch it here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

One Tough Weapon

It’s a tough decision when the only option you have is to pray after all those things that you’ve been through. Yung tipong alam mong ginawa mo na ang lahat but still there is a surge of doubt every time you try to go back to what has been going on with your life. Though it is very usual for a lot of people to doubt, we should not underestimate the power of optimism pero iba din naman ung tinatawag natin na overconfidence. Still, we should learn how to balance things by weighing the consequences and looking at the whole picture of a certain situation that we are currently heading onto. Do you believe on what a prayer is capable of? For me, I’m going to say yes since it has been life based on experience that the Lord has never left me. I strongly believe in the saying that, “GOD answers prayer in 3 ways: HE says YES & gives you what you want. HE says NO and gives you BETTER. HE says WAIT & gives you the BEST EVER” 

Reality Chased Existence

So yes, this is something that I would really like to do since I am still on the verge of wasting my time to be productive somehow. I am a Filipina chic who is currently waiting on high hopes of applying for a real job pero sa totoo lang, I really haven’t done anything for the applications. wag gumaya sa katamaran ko. It won’t get you anywhere! Therefore, keep moving. I am really getting my fingers crossed now!