Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weird Dream. EVER!

         Last night was one of the most unforgettable slumbers I’ve had in years. (Because I rarely recall what I dream about) So let’s cut it to the chase shall we? What was that silly dream I’ve had a while ago; maybe during the dawn? I was stuck inside the church within a crowd sitting close to Patrick Monahan (Google him if you don’t know him either) because trust me it’s the first time that I came to know his real name! I’m not even mesmerized by his looks but damn! I don’t know what hit me in that dream. It’s as if I was caught up in his stare so I slowly drifted apart from him – holy cow! Even in my dreams do I really have to do that! And then I came to my senses and evoke a certain song of their band, “Marry Me” then I guess in that moment when I woke up this morning, I knew that it took my breath away. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


Spaghetti NOODLES


  • Water
  • Oil
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Spaghetti Noodles (Of course!)
Reminder: Let the water boil before submerging the noodles!

  1. Put the noodles while WATER is boiling
  2. Include a PINCH OF SALT
  3. Adjust it onto LOW FIRE for 10 MINUTES after boiling.
  4. Voala! see to it if the noodles are already soft then you can now proceed preparing for your spaghetti sauce.
Spaghetti SAUCE

  • Oil
  • Chopped Onion
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Ground Beef
  • Soy Sauce
  • Tomato Sauce and Paste
  • Water
  • Sugar 
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cheese
  1. Heat the pan and put OIL.
  2. Add ONION (Still until it becomes a little bit transparent) and GARLIC (Stir it until it's a little bit of golden brown)
  3. place the GROUND BEEF and mix it altogether.
  4. Cover pan and set it on a LOW FIRE.
  5. Add at least 2 TABLESPOONS of SOY SAUCE
  7. Include a little bit of WATER.
  8. then last but not the least, season it with SUGAR, PEPPER and a PINCH OF SALT for flavoring.
  9. CHEESE for the finishing touch!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Here is a SELF-ANALYSIS I made 2 years ago (last September 20, 2010 to be exact!)  

                I am a girl you can call by the name of Minori. They say my name sounds Japanese derived from a long time close friend of my mom with my almond eyes that get me mistaken to have a Chinese blood but maybe a portion of it will count from my ancestors. I’m a Filipino citizen who is currently staying at a condominium along P. Campa Street. Originally, I am fresh from Region 1 Laoag City, Ilocos Norte which clearly makes me known to be an “Ilocana” with my current height of 5 ft. flat and a weight of 45 kilos. In short, I’m petite and skinny. It was in the year 1990 of October 15 that I existed into this world of reality. I was once a very cute baby then with super chubby cheeks with a weight of 13 pounds which turned me into my complete opposite state now: thin. I play the role of the youngest child in the family.

                I first entered school at the age of five as I accomplished my kindergarten and preparatory class worth of coloring books, writing and reading numbers and letters; ages filled with imaginations and fairytale fantasies. My elementary years were worth of finishing home works and projects; years filled with competitions on academic and extracurricular activities. I was just an ordinary student back then with ordinary goals. I didn’t aim for more. I was already contented with my class standing and my parents never forced me to be included in the top ten honor students. High school passed by and I started organizing myself. I continued with oratorical and singing contests. I wasn’t really into any type of sports. As it turned out, I never expected that I would be included in our top ten students. (No biggie!) Now that I’m in college, I am looking forward to finish the course I have chosen which is nursing; a course I didn’t personally choose but in time, I learned to love it. I am hoping that I will do well this year and make the best out of it. I am to make my parents happy by showing to them my college Diploma and entrust to Him up there to continue guiding me as I wish I will pass the boards next year.

                Relationship can come in different forms. We have close family ties. I’m a family oriented person being the youngest. I am not that totally close with my parents but at least I can open up some problems which would not include problems on love because they still want me to focus on my studies and fortunately I am still following their advice until now which makes me a “No Boyfriend Since Birth” (NBSB) but I’m still contented being single until now because it’s what I choose to be. I believe that there will be a right time for that. With my relationship to my two sisters who are Nurses, I am very open with everything. We really have to make time allotments for bonding especially now that they are both outside the country also with my brother who is currently working as an Engineer at Japan supporting me in school. I really love my family. I am so contented with what I have at this moment. Maybe this is one reason I consider why I am not yet looking for love the other way around. I believe that the real foundation of true love starts at home; that you need to complete yourself first before you let someone enter into your life. I love hanging out with my relatives at our province whenever I come back home. I really make time telling stories. For my friends, I sacrifice my time just to see them and talk things out even just for a coffee night out.

                I possess that cheerful, kind, patient, serious, understanding, trustworthy and loyal personality but on the other side I can get too paranoid, dependent, avoidant, denial, anxious, poor in decision making and can become too pessimistic and disoriented most of the time. Others think of me as snob, shy, mean, loud, cry-baby, unorganized, disoriented, “malabong kausap”, generous, good follower and listener, comforter (whenever someone is sad, I do the job of making them happy or reducing the emotional pain at least)… some of which they confess to me. I just don’t know yet what some other people think about me. At some point they can be right or wrong. First impression may or may not last. It’s a case to case basis.

                My strengths and weaknesses exist to shape me as who I am ever since until now. My strengths include being patient, hardworking, persistent, futuristic, confident in stage presence   while my weaknesses include being inadequate, incompetent, not a risk taker, pessimistic, sensitive, shy which makes up my inferiority complex. Current struggle that I consider in my life right now is the distances in our family because my sister works in Norway, my brother works in Japan and my other sister in Singapore. Both of my parents are at the province taking care of my nephew. I know that we should all be strong right now and pray for each other.

                I really want to be a simple person living a simple life. I want to be happy and be contented in life like what I possess now. Later on in my life I know that things will eventually change. I still don’t know what Nursing has in store for me but I wish that I’ll be enlightened one day to figure it out myself. I believe that when you expect less, God will give you more. Regarding to what I really want to do, I want to be a singer though I consider it as a wishful thinking. The truth is, I am still left with the question on “What I really want to be?” hanging right now like a blank page on a book still waiting to be scribbled with notes. I believe that in time, I will have all the answers when I least expect it to come.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Super Rush Hour

The contemplation of having my tasks be accomplished in no time is something that has driven me to tire up my legs from falling in line, waiting as well as sauntering here and there. Around pass five in the morning; I already set foot in MNL with mother dearest :) my slacker attitude has been reigning up on me again but I had no choice but to conquer it myself to have a productive day therefore, the “MaƱana” habit wasn’t on the list. (That would be a big hindrance if you ask me since I only have a day to stretch out those bones and muscles!) Breakfast was served with our hunger tummies so, the food has been devoured with our stomach’s content!

Rode a cab with mom and took its toll as we parted ways for the day. I was dropped off at Morayta which really brings back so many memories. It somehow escalated a feeling of nostalgia all over that I had to take a pause at every street or establishment I used to walk by and just can’t help but stare all the more. Pass seven in the morning, Ana agreed to take a rendezvous around PRC. Like why should I be there after about a year? I had my purpose done as soon as I received my license as registered nurse of the Philippines. (I should’ve taken this one last year, October 22 to be exact.)The giddiness can’t be helped since I’ve wanted to get this for so long! 

Ana and I then decided to have lunch with Tim, my BFF! (so we parted ways first) Next, I claimed my TOR at school which was due last year too! (Around September!) I was really elated to receive it! Accompanied Boris since he applied for school alumni ID – and eventually got it right after a shot for an ID picture. After that, we arrived at Trinoma (actually, we were having a hard time to decide where to eat but ended up at SM North) The four of us ate for lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. (as courtesy of Timothy) Haha There was a little quandary with my phone’s signal so mom though I wasn’t replying at all with her message. (but I never answered a single call! Oops!) Glad that we’re both okay around evening. Whew!

Managed to see Forever 21 at SM North, the block and stole a few shots! My feet have been aching already but somehow I managed to enjoy the day. Ana and I have been busy looking at the different styles of apparel.So many clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from, I’ve been indecisive again! I skipped taking shots of some dress though since there are too many to choose from!

Had an instant meet up with Cesar pogi! lol had a few shots as well. :) That was a super short time to consider! Still, it was worth seeing this funny dude.

Tim already left for work! :( so our looks define why we seem to be confused. (there goes that "what to do later" problem again!) 


so we then quenched our thirsts at fruitas then I decided to meet my mom again (parting ways with Ana and Boris) then eventually had dinner at Aristocrat. Their palabok really tastes great as well as their sotanghon soup that made me finish it up in a jiffy!  The cold calamansi juice made a great refreshment from the busy yet tiring day. 

I may not have bought anything for myself that day but it doesn't matter as long as I have finished my purpose of going  there in MNL and spent my time well with friends! I'm looking forward to see them again. I may not exactly know when but I'm happy seeing them. That's contentment. Bye MNL! ;)

Cheesecakes and laugh trips

It’s a cool thing to consider when the place we barged in to hang out is just a few blocks away from home. I really loved the ambience circulating at Cheesecakes etc here in London (Jeez) just kidding! Hahaha It’s just located here in the city of Laoag. Plus you can amuse yourself with their free WI-fi. You just have to get the right spelling of their “password of the day”. Lol I just don’t know though if they keep on changing it. I’m not the type of person who would usually rummage around but I stick a lot inside the house and do my craze; Just trying to ignite my perky ideas into something productive, at least. So here I go, taking a shot at a green pot of an artificial plant. These days, I am just trying to divert my attention into taking random shots. I guess that would equate into creating a concatenation of memories. I promised this year that I will take lots and lots of pictures to make up for the past years. I am going to claim that this is my year! Like, hello Optimism; be my confidant. 

I guess I was too hungry to devour that one piece slice of cake. Indeed, it made me feel the melting sensation under my tongue and it gave me that feeling of satisfaction that went well with my mango juice. Beneath that craving for cheesecake lies the great jiffy of talking about anything. Be it career, dreams and business fun-filled excitement over anything LOL. Above all, I really had a blast after our long talks. My friend Jaztyn never fails to make me chuckle because her laugh is way contagious for me not to notice. I am so elated to be with them. (Jaztyn and Jude) hahaha 21stbirthday blast for the birthday boy. The moment wasn’t that enough to consider since we only took bits of shots to compliment the night. Oh well, I am beyond excited to enjoy another jaw crushing moment with them. ;)

Camaraderie Revisited

Feeling fuzzy as it may seem, another threshold has been reopened inward bound a place of yesterday. Dating back from my freshman year in high school where I met a superlative persona of a lady that has been imprinted on some of my memoirs. About eight years has passed and I am elated to ignite a surge of trail to a friendship that has been left open. This girl remained to be the same after all. Concatenation of events has emerged but the bond is still intact. Last time I checked, I was with her spending time with a few of my other friends. I guess time really swings faster more than I realized it that it took so long before we could rendezvous again. 

Her optimism is brimming. Meeting her after years made me visit the old picture. Worth of scratches, sticks, stones   or whatever it is that could build a certain foundation of what a part of me has become. I kept on telling her that I was really enthused to construct my own poetry way back when I came to know that she’s excellent at it. :) Her inner confidence is what keeps me recognizing of who she really is. She’s tough all the way to be true to herself and to everyone else around her. So much ado of how I value her as a friend, I am really giddy to see her after all these years and get a heart to heart talk about anything!  We are both in search of something that will mold us in the future. Hello career, please be good to us. :) Today was worth of sauntering at the city and simply enjoying each other’s company. 

Run for HUMANITY 2012

“Build on experience. Prepare for crises. Improve the future. “As what was embossed in our fun run shirts last Sunday. This is in commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the Philippine Red Cross Ilocos Norte – Laoag City Chapter.  When my comrade phoned me about the details a few weeks ago, I had no shilly-shallying on joining the race except for the actuality that I’m a snooze freak whose having a hard time parting ways with my bed in the morning. It was more of an amateur experience for me to mull over. Well, the night before the upcoming event, I got a little giddy over things to take place and I was so edgy pondering that my partner in crime wouldn’t be able to make it in time but thank God that she was able to send me a message before 4 in the morning that I need to wake up and get ready because she’s coming! I guess that it was worth a ton on her part to muster all her strength and still be able to join the race since she just had her trip from Manila last Saturday night. I even told her that it could cause her extreme exhaustion considering the fact that she had no time to rest and be there straight using her bike! (Trust me; she’s such a wonder woman) Haha Thanks to my mother dear who accompanied me over for a stride at the capitol and took some random shots before the start of the race.

Since I regard this as my very own first time experience, I had some “hit and miss” moments; sort of unsystematic ways of what I did and vice versa with my partner Kimberly Duquez:
  • No deep sleep at all! I had my eyes closed the whole time I was in bed but I was faking it since I really couldn’t sleep. My mom told me that I seem to be ultra giddy about it!  (although I was just worried about my partner if she can make it the next day with me! haha)
  • With instances such as this, I wake up earlier at a time intended for me to wake up as placed on my alarm clock. (boo-hoo I just ended up cancelling my alarm)
  • Instead of waking up too early before 4 am, I should have decided to wake up a little bit later than that since the official start of the race was around or before 6 am (Just quite of a presumption though since the sun was about to rise.) although it was stated in the paper issued to us that the official start would be at exactly 5:30 in the morning! (maybe I’m quite right or wrong on this)
  • Yes I should have brought my wrist watch with me to keep on track of the time as always but factually, I am not the type to wear one but still I know I should have used one in the first place.
  • I’m not into huge breakfast meals every morning but considering the fact that this is a fun run, I know that I should not resort into that so I decided to drink a warm milk and a piece of bread for some source of strength later on.
  • Took a warm bath since it’s way too early to have a cold one! Plus I know how my body would react to a very low temperature like hello tremors and body jerks! LOL
  • By the way, assembly time was exactly 5 in the morning so that means, we should have consumed our time for some warm up exercises but I didn’t have the time because I was too preoccupied of meeting up with my friend. (sort of miscommunication since she was waiting on the other side of our rendezvous) 
  • I should have agreed with mom to bring the camera with me (because kim and I only ended up with a few pictures. So little that you could easily count it.)
  • During the assembly, as far as I could evoke; someone made an introductory speech, (a few reminders), led a prayer (for the safety and success of the race – for a cause) and even had a hataw exercise song “Heaven is what I feel”by Gloria Estefan -> Kim and I skipped this part since we went to pamper ourselves somewhere else LOL (top secret!)
  •  Oh yeah, funny thing is we had to “run and walk” (interval haha) around 3 kilometers (Come on! It’s just our first time plus no warm up and my friend just came straight here all the way from manila!)
  • People who ran 10k were the ones who head out first. They were wearing a red singlet. (Singlet is something that is color coded, let’s say that this is an indicator of how many kilometers you are about to run.) 5k had a yellow one and finally for us, the blue one! Haha like, we were the last one to hit that “ready-get-set-go!”
  • In a moment, kim and I were just talking about planning to walk the entire race but since people were really running fast at the start, we were forced to run as fast as we could as well. (No choice! Haha) plus it would be a total shame if we’d be spotted at the end of the line.
  • Okay, I never brought an extra shirt with me or a bottle of water. Heck! I wasn’t really that prepared plus kimi shared her pocari sweat bottle HAHA feels really great to have a companion who is always geared up for anything!
  • Along the way, we were talking and laughing about anything. We were never serious about the race. For us, it was a FUN WALK instead of a FUN RUN but believe me, the experience was priceless. (Something that I want to get myself involved into it next year again!) Since I’ve heard that Red Cross here has planned that it will take place on a yearly basis now. Cool!
  • Our turning point was at Brgy. 28 triangle so that means, you have to go back to complete the 3k race(back and forth already) there was a table filled with plastic cups of water but I never grabbed one. A lady gave me another blue singlet which makes it two already while kim received 3 singlets. WHOAWH! HAHAHA the extra one was a mistake!
  • As we headed back for the finish line, we were very tired already (maybe that’s because we were talking and laughing! Trust me, we’ve consumed a lot of energy on that) then we decided to grab our certificates for the accomplished race! Yay!
  • After that, I had to fall in line for the snacks including free water – sponsored by viva. Each was also able to get a piece of rebisco extreme chocolate sandwich and banana. (detailed huh HAHA) then our number badge on our shirts were singed to confirm that we have already received our food then we decided to enjoy our sumptuous breakfast meal together at Mcdonalds.  

I had a breathless moment with this fun run experience. Next time, I’d definitely want to join again. This is one way of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Skip the sedentary way and get ready to kick some fats! work out those muscles and bones. :) 

Handy Dandy Accessories Kept with Style

The simplest thing one can bear in mind right now with keeping accessories is having it organized and tidy as much as possible. No one would like to suffer an almost endless search of items getting lost that you just purchased from a store. Facilitating your space with a certain box or any fun-filled accessory space holder could do the trick thus, no more hassles plus you can get endowed with the elegance of your accessories at an instant. This year, I stumbled upon a store that sells random fashionable yet cute accessory holders. To my dismay, I nonchalantly looked at their varying designs and I had a tough time picking one so that made me indecisive at the moment. Trust me, if I had a lot of moolah then I would fit it still with my budget to buy tons of it but yeah, I know I have spent on something fabulous, cute and worth the price since I couldn’t ditch my attention to it!  Now, this pink accessory holder belongs to me and is currently being displayed at my space. ;)   

Skip the Routine

Feel free to procrastinate whenever you can as long as you assure yourself that you’re unwinding over a long weekend after a wrecking tedious job that resulted to triumph. Go sip a cup of coffee or juice to keep your nerves calm and awake while rummaging your eyes over a novel worth of fallacies/fiction. Suppose that you appreciate more of a photographic activity such as watching films, you could venture into movie marathon while munching a bowl of cheese popcorn.  If you are too stressed to enjoy unaccompanied, call over your confidant and blabber about anything under the sun or you could hover upon a certain escapade to keep your bonding a bit more adventurous. Have it your own way. You could also include healthy eating such as making your own salad jived with a drink of red wine surrounded by chill rhythms to complement the jiffy. You need to take a break from a fully loaded stress once in a while. Go out there and soothe yourself. ;) 

Some Ways to Make Your Time a bit Productive

If you used to be the busiest person with the entire stress whirl winding you then comes a time that you’re suddenly bored to death then I guess that the abrupt transition could almost hit you into thinking some activities to stick your gut with.  Some people may be of a workaholic type to deal with this tension but trust me; it would still affect those that would be considered as “couch potato” There is nothing good in hitting extremes. Learn to balance everything with your capability. Everyone has interests to draw their time freely but I guess that here’s mine that I could almost deal with everyday to keep my day still cool and productive at some point even though it isn’t what is used to be.
  1. Wake up at any hour of the day and don’t forget to thank the Lord Almighty for the bountiful blessings (but make sure that it is still in the morning!) I say that you better waste your time for something that could be considered worthy.
  2. Work out those lipids off your body (you can do some stretching too!) keeps your body fit.
  3. Drink a glass of water to quench your thirst (this could be one way to cleanse your body)
  4. Read substantial articles (ignorance kills so feed your mind with answers to your hunger for curiosity) plus it adds more intellectual knowledge.
  5. If your room is a bit of a topsy-turvy then you should clean it (with your super ultra cleaning powers!)
  6. Check your multiple accounts online (most people would rely on this to waste time but I guess that it is better to have complex activities)
  7. Check out some daily catch/News (this is to increase your awareness.)
  8. Turn up the speakers (listen to your chill/feel good songs)
  9. Volunteer to rummage around the kitchen and cook something healthy and delicious at the same time!
  10. Jot down the things you did (consider typing into your private blog/scribbling notes onto your diary) – this will keep you organized and will help you feel that you did things to keep your day fruitful. 
Well, there are times that I would typically tell myself that I would like to screw up some activities in my list but sometimes, it would aid a lot to keep you going and cease that kind of tension from being bored. Remember, it is always your choice if you want to keep yourself working in the process of keeping your thoughts active on what to do than to be rotten in idleness. You can always affect your actions by your own thoughts. Time is always moving forward so what you do now can never be undone. Keep going.